New Website Launched

Written by admin on May 16, 2013

Today we are proud to announce that after a lot of behind the scenes work and organisation we have launched a website for The Washington Millennium Centre. The aim and purpose of this new website are to promote the services we already offer and to make information about all of our events and services easier to find.


This is cool

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    1. Karen Quigley


      The Pamper Day is on every Friday 12 – 3.30, we have 2 therapists who do a range of therapies including, Reki, Massage, Hair Trims, Blow waves, Manicure, Pedicure.
      The treatments are £5 for a 20 minute taster session.
      To book on you would have to come along, see what appointments they have available that day, and pre-book for the following week. :)


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