Easyline Circuit and Classes

When: Tuesday 11am-11:45am
Friday 11am – 11.45am
Friday 1pm – 2pm (£3.50 as part of ‘The Ladies Pamper Day)

£1.60 per session

The Easyline equipment is designed for people who want want to use simple fitness equipment to do gentle but effective exercise on low resistance kit. As well as helping you to stay fit and mobile it can contribute to losing weight and improve personal health and physical condition. Set out in a separate area you don’t feel intimidated and can relax and either do your own circuit or follow the one we have set out. The friendly gym staff will help you with your exercise programme so that you get the most out of your sessions.

With these 8 separate pieces of equipment, you can create a unique circuit training experience to help develop strength and mobility for all parts of the body.

You can either attend one of the classes at the above times or use the equipment at a time convenient to you when the centre is open.